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From creating targeted sales lead lists to setting appointments with qualified prospects, Involved Leads handles every aspect of your top-of-the-sales-funnel needs.

Live Transfer

Our live transfer services cover all your insurance demands, including Homeowners, Auto, Renters, and Condo insurance policies.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting services focus on Commercial Insurance, including building, commercial vehicle, health insurance, and company benefits programs.

Offering Soon

Staffing Support

In-lined with our ultimate vision of bringing forth revolutionary lead generation system for the insurance industry, Involved Leads is currently working on combing an all-in-one staffing support solution that you will need to on-board and train new hires!

Services to Offer

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales


Quality over Quantity! Our leads are never being drafted from the internet, a bidding system, or recycled. This may not be the best recipe for quantity, but rest assured we have found the recipe for quality!

You get to speak directly with the homeowners — and it’s a single-family home —  100% of the time! Because of this, we forecast that over 90% of your closings will result in multi-line opportunities and bundled packages!

We are the only live leads provider to offer 100% accountability for all the leads we deliver. For any lead that withdraws from the quote, you can get a refund within 24 hours!

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