Invested, Integrity, and Intent.

We live and breathe the company slogan of Invested – Integrity – Intent.

Involved Leads is an industry-leading lead provider purpose-built to help you get started with lead research, live transfer, appointment setting, and more.


We are invested in our clients’ success; we only win until you win!


We operate honestly and ethically in every way of our business.


We maneuver in an intent-driven lead generation business model.

DNC & TCPA Certified

We leverage an industry-leading call flow process to ensure that the leads we deliver have higher intent and compliance. Two gold standard compliance certificates from LeadID and TrustedForm back up our leads.

Lead certificates give a written trail of consumer consent that is retained for 10 years from the day you got the lead; this means that if someone claims the lead was not properly generated, there is documented verification of the prospect’s express approval.

How It All Started

A group of insurance agents who mastered the art of closing first launched Involved Leads in 2017. They recognized that an insurance agency’s lifeblood is high-quality leads and so, after years of fine-tuning, InvolvedLeads has risen to the top of the insurance lead generation industry.

Today, Involved Leads has an avid and expanding customer base, with a 90% retention rate and a closing rate of more than 20% — a true testament that our system streamlines your customer acquisition process and grows your bottom line.

Ready to upscale your business?

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